Below is The Final Route That The March Will Take, Click The Image To Make It Bigger

0745 0815    Event management team final briefing

0815 0830    Event section teams briefings with team leaders

0830 0920    Registration of participants in Saracens Head Yard (Next to WH Smiths)

0830 0930    Mayor to receive and entertain VIP guests

0920                Parade to assemble in Market place

0925                Drum-head Alter Erected

0930                Introduction by Chairman of The Great March

0935 - 0950     Drum-head Service

0950                Health & Safety Brief

0955                Parade Marshall report to Mayor - parade ready to proceed

1000                Military section to march off.  Followed by the rest of the participants

1005                Stewards taken by bus to stations along the route to Flintham

1010                March reaches Spring House.

At this point:

Band and horse drawn vehicles leave the March

The junior cadets are stood down

The March becomes a walk until the final March at Radcliffe-on-Trent

1020 1030    Walkers reach Farndon underpass

1200                Transport from Newark for walkers walking from Flintham /p>

1200 1230    Walkers arrive at Flintham for rest and refreshment

1130 1245    Stewards leapfrog the march by bus and take up posts between Flintham and                         East Bridgeford

1230 1300    Walkers leave Flintham for East Bridgeford

1345 1445    Walkers arrive East Bridgeford for rest and refreshment

1330 1445    Stewards leapfrog the march by bus and take up posts between East Bridgeford                         and Radcliffe on Trent

1415 1515    Walkers leave East Bridgeford for Radcliffe on Trent

1545                Transport for veterans and cadets leaves Newark (Pick up TBC)

1530 1715    Walkers arrive at Trent Inn, Radcliffe on Trent. Refreshments available and RBL,                         veterans and cadets at venue

1600 1715    Stewards recovered by bus and brought to Radcliffe on Trent.

1715                All veterans, band and dignitaries to be at Radcliffe on Trent

1730                Marchers and veterans complete the final 400 yards

1745                Service of reconciliation conducted at war memorial

O/C 1900    Grange Hall available for refreshments at the end of the March and Memorial Service

1800                Photoshoot with VIPs and Veterans at Bingham Road Triangle

1745 1915    Return shuttle bus to Flintham and Newark

Control Centre Locations

As the event is to proceed from one place to another, it is envisaged that the control centre will need to be as close as possible to where the event is actually happening.

To this end the control centre will initially be at the Town Hall, Newark from 0730 until the parade has left and is on its way to Flintham, at which point the control centre will be moved to Flintham and then East Bridgeford before being finally established at Radcliffe-on-Trent as follows:

0730 1030    Newark Town Hall

1030 1300    Flintham Village Hall

1300 1500    East Bridgeford

1500 1900    Radcliffe-on-Trent

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